Commercial interior Design

It does not matter whether a new business or rebranding is needed – we are ready to give workers and office areas a modern and respectable look.

For commercial activities, the design of premises is no less important than recruitment, packaging, selection of suppliers and advertising. After all, in many cases, the first impression of the company is the interior design.
We follow the trends of the market and are ready to offer aesthetic and at the same time functional solutions for rooms of various purposes.
Increasingly, the final argument in choosing a cafe or restaurant is its atmosphere. And employers in order to retain high-quality personnel strive to make the premises not only functional, but also cozy. This is what we are proposing – to leave the right impression about your business, which will guarantee a long relationship.

Stages of projects:

1) Study of the “legend”

The format of the room, the tasks to be solved, the functional. Planning and discussion of preferences.
The first thing to do is find out everything “is given” and offer all possible options that correspond to the customer’s goals and wishes.

Consultation and preliminary planning is carried out before the conclusion of the contract of payment. After this, direct execution begins.

2) Project and visualization

Stages of creating a space design:

  • Draft (up to 3 layout options and 3D visualizations)
  • The clean version is a photorealistic project of the future space.
    Here, furniture, materials and equipment are selected according to the approved project.
  • Full album of drawings. Includes the installation plan, the plan of ceilings and floor coverings, arrangement of light, the plan of electroconducting, arrangement of furniture and scanning of walls.
  • If architectural changes or developments are needed – this is not a problem, our team has specialists on this profile.

3) Project implementation

A distinctive feature of our studio is that all layouts and plans are realizable in a fairly short time. We know where to find this or that element, experts in our team have calculated all the technical and architectural aspects.

We give a plan for concrete actions that we are ready to perform together with you, while giving special discounts in shops and construction organizations.

The format of project support is discussed individually and is possible in different cities of the country.

All stages of work are supported by a contract with terms and obligations.

Contact us for ideas and we’ll tell you how your space can become your best companion!

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