Residential interior Design

Repair – it sounds like something has broken. Therefore, most of us are frightened even by the thought of its beginning. After all, if the repair is perceived as a pain, then the whole process will be felt as a cure.
Complex design and implementation of interior design together with us can be perceived even as a game, and the result will undoubtedly be a victory!

RINDES team is a harmonious combination of design and architectural approach, therefore our projects are not only aesthetic, but also technically verified and safe. We will not only show how your house can be transformed, but also bring it to life together!

Stages of work:

1) Consultation. Planning and study of space.

It is difficult to begin to strive for something, until the desire has acquired specific features. Therefore, we offer you a layout with the arrangement of furniture and advice on design solutions for free.

We know and adore our cause, therefore we are sure that we will be able to infect you with your ideas and desire to change for the better.

2) Project and visualization.

This stage can be logically divided into the following steps:

  • Draft (up to 3 layout options and 3D visualizations)
  • The clean version is a photorealistic project of the future space.
    Here, furniture, materials and equipment are selected according to the approved project.
  • Full album of drawings. Includes the installation plan, the plan of ceilings and floor coverings, arrangement of light, the plan of electroconducting, arrangement of furniture and scanning of walls.

3) The most important is the embodiment.

A distinctive feature of our studio is that despite the uniqueness of each project – all of them are executable in a reasonable time. We know where to find everything necessary for the future implementation, the specialists of our team take into account all the technical and architectural moments at the design stage.

Therefore, our interior design is not a “dressing room photo”, when it was not possible to buy a dress, but it turned out only to be photographed. This is a plan for concrete actions that we are ready to commit together with you, while giving special discounts in shops and construction organizations.

The format of project support is discussed individually and is possible in different cities and countries.

All stages of work are supported by a contract with terms and obligations.
Let’s make a house together, in which you want to return and invite guests?

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