Without a technical task – the result is unpredictable

We were going to start a blog for a long time and here is the first, no offense to bona fide customers, post!
It will be about the original Technical task, how important are these 2 letters and what is it, actually?
Often, the customer believes that his only obligation to the designer / architect is to pay (in fact, in our reality, it’s good – if he even thinks so). But! Along with payment, there is another equally important thing that a designer needs for work, just like a recipe for a cook, this is a Technical task that was correctly and in detail drawn up by the customer.

Do not be afraid that with this Technical task you will “take away the bread from the designer,” after all, after getting acquainted with your task, we will also offer your selection of references (examples of pictures for inspiration) to your project!
Believe me, you will save not only the time and energy of the artist, but also your resources! Let’s take a closer look at what this abbreviation means?
Technical task – literally, this is a technical task. It may look different, but the content is one way or another, and at the very beginning it consists of only two main points, which are designed primarily to set up a constructive dialogue between the two parties:

1) Provide us with a detailed description of your object, as well as all your existing drawings, photo-fixing, diagrams, etc. (of course, at the beginning of work – we will measure every centimeter of the room with our own hands, fix everything you need on the photo and in the records. But the documents you have from the beginning will greatly facilitate our first understanding of the future scope of work).

2) Do not be lazy and visit the resources presented below, collect from there a selection of individual pictures or complete projects that reflect your vision of the future object (these pictures can help us understand you and your ideas better than a thousand words, as well as help you more specifically style and basic interior techniques, because on these resources you may see something that you couldn’t even imagine before!):
Only, we beg you, do not need to “google”! The standard Google photo-tape will offer you the most distant from the ideal content, in a heap of pictures of which, for an unprepared person, it will be extremely difficult to find something worthy! At the same time, “pinterest” and “Behans” are simply puffed up with beautiful and stylish pictures, projects, mindboards, and you just need to save them into a separately created daddy!
Be careful! These resources are dragging out and if you get carried away, then leaving there is not possible for the next couple of hours, and the browser just hangs on the number of tabs that are open at once.

So, as you can see everything is not so difficult and scary! Yes, it will take some time, but believe our experience, it will save a tremendous amount of time later, and most importantly, we will be able to implement all your ideas as accurately as possible, because for this we will have everything we need! All other issues are solved already in the course of work, because each project is individual. And the most important thing to understand is that the pledge of a quality project is the coordinated teamwork of all the design participants, including the customer! Only with the active participation of all the cogs of this complex system, we will achieve the desired result! And one more pleasant bonus is that the more qualitatively the initial Technical task is made up – the less questions we will have later! And thus, having spent a little time at the beginning of the design, you will be able with peace of mind to provide the rest of the work to us, doing the usual things, relaxing and knowing that you have done everything in your power! Well, not forgetting the payment, of course!

P.S. In the meantime, here are some more gorgeous pictures from the selection for a new project!

Author: Evgenia Belkina

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